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Suhaagg Raat Ki Kahani

Hello friends, I am very old reader of this site but this is my first time to write about mine own experience the first one which opened a new world for me. This is about my first wedding night or u can say soohag ratt. I am now thirty years old women having two kids aged ten and six, figure of 40-31-36.Keep it mind I am not a story writer, Any way at the age of nineteen I was marries with a handsome guy who was my cousin. I don’t know about sex any thing and one of my cousin friend told me about how I should react with my hubby on very first night. Here the night begins, Waoo What A Night:

At about eleven in the night all of the family members of my hubby left the room leaving me alone. I was very much tired after long day ceremony and was sitting on my bed which was covered with red flowers and all the room was decorated with reall flowers. The perfume of these flowers and as I was tired was making me to sleep but I was waiting for my hero. And then the door opens and there came my hero I. I was shivering with shy and don’t know why. He closed the door came near me and sit near me on the bed. I was not looking towards him. He said how are u I cant reply because my mouth was completely dried and then he take my hand in his hands oh how hot his hands were at that time. He started talking with me while massaging my hands which were running current in my entire body. He then asked me to change
the clothes. I asked him to please give me your help to change because the wedding dress I was wearing was very difficult to change. We go near to the mirror and he started unbuttoning my dress oh… he was opening the buttons of my qameez from back side and kissing on my neck and back waooo his lips were so warm and soft I was shivering. He opened my hairs slowly and slowly while kissing my neck and when he kissed my ear lobes it causes a current in me.and I horrified and after great difficulty released from him and go to the bathroom to change the dress. After wearing a light pink colour nightie I entered into the room. He had also changed and was lying on the bed. I lay besides him and he started kissing me and fondling my nipples.

How hot he was and making me hot too. He kissed on my lips and then started liking my lips with his tongue and entered his tongue into my mouth,ohhhhhh what a sensation was. His hands were fondling my nipples which were now hard enough and then he lowered and start sucking my nipples ahhhh and his hands were now reached between my thighs and he was massaging there above the nightie. I was feeling his lund against my thighs what a hot thing that was…… ohhhhhh he then came over me and his lund was between my things pressing my cunt and I was feeling very hot and wet in my cunt hhhhh ahhhhh I am becoming very hot while writing this and imagining that night. He then slowly take off my nightie and his dress too and holding me in his strong arms hold me above him and his lund long and hot about 6” was between my thighs and my cunt was wet now. He opened my legs and started to enter his lund into me. Ohh I was feeling pain, I screamed and he kissed me on my ears and whispered that please be patient it will give u pain at the start and then u will feel good. He then ade me lay on my back opened my legs placed them on his shoulders and started to enter into me ohh ……………..i will die I screamed but he placed his lips on mine and entered full lund into my virgin cunt.

And stay there for a while and then started in and out, it was very difficult time for me and then after ten minutes it was feeling good he was kissing me all over my face and neck and on my breasts and pumping me in and out oh I was feeling great and then he blast in me. And fell on me exhausted. That night we done this two times more and they were much better than the first which I will telll u latter. I am not a story writer and don’t know how to write. It is just a try, may be u like it or may be u don’t but please let me know how I should improve this writing.

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