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Reena Ki Pyaasi Choot – II

Vibha was herself crazy with hot incredible desire. She was positively dying with fuck-hunger. After watching the scene of Reena being fucked by Javed, Vibha’s own wet cunt was coursing and burbling with prickly fires. Vibha got down between Javed’s legs and grasped his semi-erect cock in her soft, skilled hand and began to lightly stroke her hand up and down the length of his cock, stimulating the super-sensitive underside with her supple fingers, feeling it still growing and swelling in her hand. She held his almost erect cock in both hands and started sucking him like it was the last cock she would ever see. Reena bent down and held his cock with both hands for Vibha as she was sucking the life out of it. Trying to get it hard again. Meanwhile, Reena also licked his balls and thighs.

Javed was going nuts. Vibha’s magic mouth brought him back to life again. She loved the taste of it. The heat of it caused her pussy to quiver and burn. Vibha slowly moved her head downward, savoring every inch of cock-flesh she sucked into her mouth. She felt the head of his red, steaming prick pressing against the back of her throat, but she relaxed and let it slide still deeper inside. Inch by inch, his big lund disappeared into her voracious mouth, filling her mouth and throat until she thought she couldn’t hold any more. But she knew she still could. She opened her mouth still wider and drew the last few remaining inches of his lavda into her throat. She loved the feeling of being stuffed full of his cock, feeling her lips brushing against his pubic hair, his big prick throbbing and pulsing in her mouth. She raised her head back up to the top of his cock-shaft and was beginning another downward plunge.
She sucked him back in faster this time, hearing him grunt in response. She released him again, his shaft now glistening with her saliva, and made her next stroke harder and more forceful as she plunged downward. She sucked strongly and smoothly, savoring the feeling of his big prick sliding in and out of her mouth. The burning in her pussy was growing fiercer and she knew that she did want his monstrous cock shoved deep inside her cunt. She slowly removed her mouth from his delicious prick, lingering just long enough to press her tongue once more into the tight piss-hole. “aba mujhse nahi.n rahA jaatA,” Vibha breathed lustily. “meri choot mei.n jaldi se apna lavDA Daalo.please.abhi… jaldi.” Javed positioned himself between her spread legs and pushed her knees up to her tits, angling her spread pussy toward his angry, red cock. He rubbed the head of his prick up and down through the wet, burning valley of her crotch. “Uuummmmmm,” Vibha moaned as she felt his hot cock-head touch her sensitive pussy-flesh. “ghusedo meri choot mei.n… chodo mujhe, Javed… jaldi chodo mujhe!” she begged passionately. Javed placed the tip of his cock at the mouth of her dripping pussy and slowly screwed the big head into her cuntal opening. He felt the tight muscles at the opening of her fuck-hole grip his throbbing cock-head. Reena had been watching passionately beside them, tickling her clit with her fingers as she watched Vibha suck and massage Javed’s cock and balls. She had begun to plunge her fingers deep into her pussy as Javed began to rub his cock against Vibha’s waiting cunt. She couldn’t resist joining in now, and placed one hand on Javed’s muscular ass-cheeks while pushing his hips toward Vibha’s pussy. “pail de apnA lunD saali ki choot mei.n!”
Reena cried with excitement, grasping one of Vibha’s firm tits with her other hand and watching the rapturous expression on Vibha’s face as she pushed Javed’s ass harder, making his cock plow into Vibha’s straining, stretching cunt. “phaaD Daal is ranDi ki choot, saali ki cheekhai.n nikAl de, aisy dhunaai kar iski choot ki!” Vibha did scream as the huge cock stretched and filled her pussy. She screamed from the pure sexual pleasure the massive cock was creating. Her cuntal passage convulsed and quivered around his thick shaft, squeezing with muscles she had never even used before. “AAAHHHHH… kitna baDA aur moTA hai… kitnA tagDA lavDA hai… chod mujhe.mAdarchod.jor se chod!” she screamed, wrapping her strong legs around Javed’s waist and pulling him in deeper. Her cunt-muscles squeezed and hugged his thrusting prick. He couldn’t hold back. Vibha’s tightening legs, Reena’s pressure on his ass, and the maddening sensation of Vibha’s cunt biting and squeezing his dick caused him to thrust forward as hard as he could.
He felt his cock slam its full ten inches into Vibha’s quivering cunt. He saw her head jerk backwards and her mouth open wide in passion! He began to fuck his cock in and out of her tight, vise-like hole with wild abandonment. She was letting out a sharp cry each time he slammed into her cunt. Her legs continued to pull him in harder and deeper with each thrust. He watched with passionate delight as Reena grabbed both of Vibha’s straining, gorgeous tits and squeezed and pulled the inflamed flesh. Vibha responded by reaching her hand between Reena’s spread thighs and shoving her fingers into the hot, dripping hole of her pussy. The incredible tightness and heat of Vibha’s pussy was bringing him rapidly to an orgasm that he could tell was going to flood her pussy with steaming, boiling jism. He knew he was going to come so much that his hot cum would overflow the lips of her tight cunt. “Aaaahhh… uungghhh,” he grunted passionately. “merey mun.h mei.n apne lunD kA ras nikAl!” Vibha cried suddenly as she felt him approaching his orgasm. “Please, Javed… mujhe terey lunD kA ras peenA hai… mujhe mun.h mein chAhiye, mujhe peenA hai!” She pulled her legs back from around his waist and began trying frantically to push him out of her cunt before he came. She wanted his hot jism in her mouth.
Her whole body ached for it. Reena gasped as she felt Vibha’s pleading voice send shivers of lust through her cunt. She loved seeing Vibha so excited. She moved back away from the two lovers slightly as Javed withdrew his incredibly red and swollen cock from Vibha’s cunt with a loud slurping pop. She could tell by the way Javed was grimacing and panting that he was trying hard to hold his cum inside his balls until he could reach Vibha’s mouth. Vibha’s fingers continued to probe and pull her cunt as she sat down on her knees. Reena urged Javed on as he positioned his cock in front of Vibha’s waiting mouth. “apne lunD kA saarA garam maal iske mun.h mei.n Daal de !” Javed pointed his bursting cock straight at Vibha’s mouth. Reena leaned forward and grasped Javed’s red-hot cock in her hand, aiming it at Vibha’s mouth as she began stroking it vigorously. “Uuuuuhhhhh… mujhe de… mujhe terA saarA kA saarA maal chAhiye!” Vibha cried wildly as she stared transfixed at the steaming prick
Reena was holding right in front of her mouth. Javed felt his jism began to race through the length of his burning cock. He looked down at Vibha’s face, her mouth open and tongue protruding, cupping the head of his cock with her waiting tongue. “Uunghhh!” he grunted as the first hot jet of cum spurted out of his piss-hole and almost filled Vibha’s hungry mouth. Reena squeezed his rod hard with each spasm of his hips, milking spurt after spurt of thick jism out of his balls and into Vibha’s overflowing mouth. Vibha released a moan of pure passion from deep in her throat as Javed’s boiling hot cum filled her mouth. She swallowed hungrily as more and more of his luscious cream shot into her throat. She felt his hot, thick jism spilling over her lips and dripping down her cheeks. Javed just kept cumming and cumming. It was amazing that one cock could have that much cum in it. Reena was swallowing as fast as she could, but soon, the cum began to overflow and started pouring down the side of her face.
Reena continued to milk and squeeze Javed’s convulsing cock dropping the loads on Vibha’s face, hair, stomach and thighs. Javed panted and groaned with the final thrills his gigantic orgasm sent through his loins. He continued to kneel over Vibha’s cum-drenched face as Reena gently rubbed the head of his still-erect prick over Vibha’s lips and cheeks as Vibha lapped and licked at his sperm-smeared cock. Reena held his thick, glistening cock in both hands and pulled the tender skin downward until the slit at the top of the head gaped open. Then, placing her lips against the open piss-hole, Reena sucked the remaining thick jism from deep in his shaft, milking it with her hands to squeeze out every drop. Reena released Javed’s cock and moved her head toward Vibha’s face. Reena began to lick all the remaining cum from Vibha’s lips and face. She sucked and lapped hungrily all over Vibha’s legs and even her sandals, drinking in all the delicious jism she could. Reena Vibha held her cum-covered tongue out from between her wet lips and Reena sucked it into her own mouth, sharing the pleasure of Javed’s cum with Vibha. Then Javed started putting on his clothes.
Vibha took out a 500-rupee note and handed it over to him. “gazab kA lunD hai terA. vaisey tau gaanD bhi marvaani thi tujhse par phir kabhi sahi.” After Javed left, both the women kept sitting there nude except for their high-heeled sandals. They lit cigarettes and Vibha poured whisky for both of them. “Aaj tau bahut mazaa aayA.mai.n kabhi nahi.n bhooloo.ngi yeh din.” Reena said exhaling the smoke. “arey abhi tau tooney dekhA hi kyA hai.saaDe naal rehegi tey aish karegi. chudaai de naye naye mazey kaish karegi” Vibha replied as Reena gulped down her drink. Reena poured more for herself. “arey thoDa dheerey pi.ghar bhi jaanA hai chaD jaayegi” Vibha tried to stop her but Reena said, “jis par chudaai ka nashaa sawaar ho.us par yeh whisky kyA asar karegi.” Reena poured herself three glasses in the time it took Vibha to finish one. She raised her last glass in a salute to Vibha, who had just finished her first, and drank deeply. Then they started putting on their clothes. “kal Sunday hai.mere ghar aajA afternoon mei.n.thoDi aish karengey.” Vibha said with a wink as she put on her saree. Reena also put on her salwar-kameez and they parted with a kiss.
Vibha dropped her at the nearby bus stop in her car. As they lived in opposite direction, Reena insisted on taking bus when Vibha offered to drop her. Although Reena had been drinking and but she felt herself under control, just a little light-headed. Luckily, the office-crowd time was over and the bus had very few people. That had been quite a session of fucking, Reena reminisced as she sat by the window in bus. She was relaxing, thinking back to that wild session she and Vibha and Javed had that day. Whew! She thought. “That Vibha was really a sex-driven woman.” Reena realized that bus had to take de-tour due to some reason and she will have to get down at the bus-stop which was about more than one kilometer from her house. When she got down, it was already dusk (darker part of twilight). The drinking she had done a little earlier now seemed to be hitting her. Reena felt a little unsteady on her feet. So, she decided to take a short cut through a narrow dirt path, bordered by knee-high grass and trees and wild flowers. Although this dirt-path was going to be deserted, still she opted to use it, as it would save her more than half a distance. As she strolled along the pathway, she felt as though her legs could no longer support her; they were giving away under her!
She started weaving drunkenly just slightly in her high-heeled sandals as she walked up the path her hands tightly clenched around her purse. To make the matters worse, she felt a strong urge to pee. She lurched ahead for a minute and when she could not control her urge anymore, she quickly glanced through her surroundings to make sure no one was there and since it was almost getting dark, she loosened the nada of her salwar and pulled her salwar down to her ankles and squatted on the ground. She was not wearing panties at that time. She took a deep breath, and then unleashed a steaming golden torrent and next moment she caught the rustle of grass and dry leaves behind her. Then to her horror, she noticed a middle-aged man in cheap rustic clothes about 100 meters from her. He looked like a vagabond. In her drunken confusion, she got up pulling up her salwar. She couldn’t hold back the dribble of hot golden piss streamed out in a gushing torrent from her cunt, that flowed down her thighs, drenching her salwar and soaking her feet and sandals.
As she teetered forward trying to keep her balance and trying tie the nada, she realized that the man was now just behind her. “aisey laDkhaDaati hui kahA.n chali, chhamiyA.zaraa apni choot ke darshan tau karwA do..” the man said putting his hand on her shoulder from behind. She was afraid of what he might ultimately do to her. “mujhe jaane do..dUr raho mujhse” she screamed. “saali.nakhrA karti hai.nashey mei.n jyaadA phudak rahi hai.abhi terA nashaa utartA hu.n.ranDi.kutiyA”. he hissed and held her close to her and kissed her on mouth. Reena was scared as well as excited. “mujhe chhoD de…” she started struggling and protesting, with great trepidation, but enjoyed every bit of it. “chhoD du.n yA chod du.n.” he mocked her and pushed her against the nearby try and tightly embraced her. With one hand he furiously, squeezed her breasts. In his eagerness to open her kurta, he partly tore it and even ripped her bra to knead her now exposed tits. He leaned down and sucked and bit her erect nipples. “saali. kutiyA. dekh terey nipple kaise sakhat ban gaye hai.n.mazaa aa rahA hai, phir bhi jhooThA nakhrA dikhAti hai.” he said while he tore and ripped off her piss drenched salwar from her legs. Reena tried to think how terrified she was, how much she hated this dirty vagabond, but she felt herself becoming more and more excited. The man pulled down his own trousers and briefs to his ankles.
Reena stared unabashedly his cock with her mouth agape. His prick was almost as thick as her wrists, over a foot long and it hung halfway down between his thighs. It was the biggest cocks she had ever seen. She swallowed the lump that formed in her throat knowing that soon enough she probably would be forced to take that black shaft in her choot. Reena both wanted him and feared him, and the combination of the two made her absolutely sizzle and smolder with contradictory feelings. His hands were rough and weathered, his lips chapped and cracked, and his fingers and mouth rasped on her tender skin. He kissed her bare gleaming bronzed shoulders and her smooth upper chest, and squeezed her breasts so hard that it hurt her, but Reena was growing so weak and dizzy with passion that she didn’t care. His chapped, rasping lips found her aching nipples and tore at them, and waves of heat shimmered through her breasts.
He held them in his palms and milked them fiercely from beneath, digging his fingers into the springy round globes, hurting her again, but beautifully, while he lip-pinched her fiery nipples and sucked them between his strong teeth. Reena put her hands on his shoulders in order to keep her balance on her high heels, and shut her eyes, turning her head to and fro and hissing with pleasure, pushing her hot aching breasts into his face. She was already moaning in low animalistic guttural sounds, bursting and burbling all over with lust, crying out softly from the sweet pain his harsh mouth and his rough, grasping fingers caused to her sensitive breasts and her flaming, teeth-tortured nipples. Then he forced her on her hands and knees. “Aaj tau gaanD hi maroo.ngA teri.” he chuckled lewdly. His eyes seemed to glaze as he stared at the illicit crack. “Oh nahi.n! meri gaanD mei.n itnA baDA lavDA nahi.n samaayegA! mar jaaoo.ngi mai.n. gaanD phaT jaayegi. chaahe tau meri choot mei.n apnA lavDA Daal ke chod le,” she moaned when she felt the hard rubbery head of his penis pushing crudely against the defenseless opening of her rectum. She felt numb all over, and her brain refused to register what was happening. He continued to surge forward, straining with all his might.
Stabs of shooting pain shot up Reena’s spinal cord as he finally managed to insert the thickly pulsing head of his cock up inside the elastic-tightness of her futilely resisting rectum. For a moment, she thought she was split in two. She was completely stunned by the excruciating pain and her breath was coming in agonizing gasps. He didn’t let her get used to his massive tool either. Immediately upon entering her anus he pushed hard forcing his hard black cock all the way in her ass. Reena screamed in pain. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!” Her asshole was still dry and unlubricated to take anything so large inside. “ruk jaao… ruk jaao, please… haai mai.n mari…” she rasped hoarsely, barely able to make her voice heard. But he was cruelly oblivious to her agony. After a moment or two of gathering his strength, he shoved forward again, forcing his huge, lust-distended cock into the tight, unyielding sheath of her rectum. Relentlessly, he surged on; searing the sensitive inner membrane unbearably, until at long last, he was embedded to the hilt in her sorely abused anal depths. He held it there triumphantly, watching the desperate squirming of Reena’s lewdly skewered buttocks.
He started fucking her ass right away, removing his cock almost all the way and ramming back in. And not just once or twice, but kept on going over and over as Reena screamed and screamed. She had always like it in the ass, but not this way. But now, she couldn’t relax enough, her asshole was too dry, it hurt. She could feel every inch of his hard meat slide in and then out, then back in and back out. The pain rippled through her entire body starting at her asshole and traveling all the way up until it registered in her brain. He began a slow, laborious in and out rhythm, the tortured rectum finally yielding slightly and allowing him to plunge and withdraw with greater ease. Her anal muscles were relaxing, accommodating his huge cock, and the pain was being replaced with an unbelievably intense desire, a desire for all to go on and on. His fingers dug into her hips as he pulled her back and forth, his hard, expanding cock going in and out of her like a powerful piston. “Uuuuugggghhh! haan! maar meri gaanD jor jor se!” Reena moaned as the man fucked his cock in and out of her burning rubbery passage with longer and harder thrusts.
She was rolling her- buttocks in and undulating rhythm to match his driving cock, and the fluid from her cunt was pouring in such amounts as to run free down her inner thighs. She was like a wild animal as she worked her hips around, her anus trying to hungrily suck the juices from the man’s sperm-heavy balls. The man was fucking in and out of her anus with ever-increasing tempo, his big cock seemingly becoming even bigger with his nearing climax. Reena was screwing back her buttocks and she was gibbering incoherent sounds, pleading with the man to pump her full of his cum. Her dark hair was hanging loosely about her head, swaying as she twisted her head back and forth in opposite time to the fucking of her rectum. Her large breasts danced beneath her chest like jelly as the man fucked her anus harder and harder strokes, and the force of his fucking seemed to carry through her body to the top of her head. The man’s balls swayed as he rocked back and forth, fucking Reena’s wide-stretched anus with his cock. When he fucked his cock deep inside Reena’s hot rectum, his twin balls would swing forward up between her inner thighs to hit the mound of her open cunt. She continued screaming and jerking in her bent over position, begging the man to pump her rectum full of cum. The man did as she wished, all right. With a low groan, he held her hips tightly in his hands as his cock released the stored up sperm from his balls, and it began shooting hot blasts of searing hot cum deep up inside Reena’s rectum. “Oooooh! Oooooohh! meri gaaaaanD. chodoooo!” she screamed, her face wildly contorted with passion.
The man finally jerked his hips forward and with a deep-throated groan pumped his cum into her widely expanded anus. Their obscenely joined bodies spasmed in lewd unison as his cum filled her rectum, squirting in great explosive blasts from the tip of his giant cock. Each hot blast was spilled out by a loud cry of pleasure from Reena, and it seemed like the man was never going to run dry. His ass-cheeks flexed and unflexed in emphasis to his exploding cock deep within her hot rectum, and his head was thrown back as he strained for the exquisite pleasure of his orgasm. The man finished his orgasm, and as if in grand finale, he straightened up and pulled his still hardened cock from the depths of Reena’s rectum. Reena was in a state of collapsed exhaustion. She turned around and saw how slimy his cock was from being in her ass so long. Reena opened her mouth to him. He put his cock on her tongue pushing some of the sticky shaft in her mouth. Reena opened her mouth wider to accommodate the huge black scummy cock. He pushed more making Reena tilt her head up as it hit the back of her throat. Then he forced it deeper making her swallow his big black cock.
It entered her throat and he pushed it down, all the way down, forcing into her throat until all twelve inches of the slimy cock was lodged in her gullet. Then Reena wrapped her lips tight around the cock while he slowly extracted it. All of the slime covering that coated the shaft, the scum from deep within her ass, Reena cleaned off with her mouth and lips. Then in one gulp, she swallowed her own dirty asshole gunk down. The man put on his trousers quickly and left in haste. The whole session took only 15-20 minutes. It was night now and she was sitting there on the deserted dirt-path, nude except for her high heels, with her body glistening in the white moonlight. Oddly she felt neither shame nor guilt nor revulsion, now only complete satiation was flowing through her. Finally she managed to gather enough strength to stagger to her feet and nakedly began to gather the tatters of her clothing together… After she pulled the tattered remains of her kurta and salwar that stinked of her piss, around her naked body; she stumbled in her heels through the empty dirt-path. It wasn’t until she got home that she cleaned up with a shower and laid down for a nap. Reena had enjoyed a day of exhausting nasty dirty sex. But now she was satisfied. Her sexual lust lay dormant, at least for now.

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