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How I seduced my Friend’s wife in Cinema hall

Hi Friends, I have always been a fan of Indian adult stories as I believe they stimulate the mind better than what a video can. I have particularly have had a liking for believable scenarios and therefore do not read fantastic stories(read lies) that some of you post.

I am average looking guy about 5’6” tall weighing about 70 kilos and belong to northern india and hence have a relatively light skin albeit oily and scarred one. I have always been a decent fellow yet I never used to miss out on opportunities to touch opposite sex in crowded buses and trains and it gives me enormous pleasure to pleasure another woman in such situation as she despite not wanting to, starts to enjoy the duress. Now my story is not about this subject though.

I was transferred to Mumbai about three years ago and my eyes opened to the brave new world that rest of the country is not exposed to. Women in slinky clothes, fashionable young girls and older women in revealing clothes frequenting the malls and business district made me lose some of the overexcitement about women but also gave me courage to stretch myself . All this change and a new passion for working out at the gym changed my perspective to life and soon I metamorphosed into a much wicked version of myself.

I made a new friend in Mumbai and I’ll call him Vinayak (not his real name). I knew vinayak from many years but never was close to him. He had been married about a year back and it is then that I became closer to him as his wife used to invite me over for dinner in the previous town that we were together. Anitha (not her real name), belonged to bihar and is plump and to my assessment didn’t deserve Vinayak. But Anitha learned the ropes of carrying herself well quite quickly to my surprise and was pretty comfortable by the time I met her again in Mumbai.

She had never been to Mumbai before and hence was(like most women of india) very happy to have come here. The freedoms that a woman gets in Mumbai is without parallel and it’s every girls dream to live here.

In some remote corner of my mind, I always wanted Anitha despite her rustic bearings because the fun of fantasising about your friend’s wife is very unique. This feeling grew when i met the couple in Mumbai. Since Vinayak and Anitha didn’t have many friends and I by virtue of being a single guy didn’t have much to do either, I used to hang out at their place on Saturdays. I would use the opportunity to eye her in nighties and make out her plump outline. I felt that she liked the attention as Vinayak himself is quite a bore and can think little else than doing well professionally. He’s a total fashion disaster and is overweight. When I would go to their house on Saturdays after having worked my chest and biceps well, wearing my neat white Levi’s slim fit shirt and a smart blue Jean, i could see the sparkle in Anitha’s eyes.

One Saturday, I asked them out for an English film knowing fully well that Anitha wouldn’t understand it easily and Vinayak also wasn’t too fast with catching English dialogues. We went to Regal Cinema in south Mumbai in Vinayak’s car. I went and bought tickets with a smart choice of seats in middle.

Now since we got the middle seats there were guys on either sides so Anitha had to be seated in the middle and both of us on either side. I have a time tested habit gently feeling women sitting next to me in buses and trains to gauge their reaction. But since this my friend’s wife i couldn’t gather courage to do it for few dithering moments. After half an hour or so I realised that Anitha was comfortable now and did not mind my hand touching hers as she had placed it right next to mine. Her soft hand was scrapping against mine everytime she moved and this was giving me a mild hard on. I decided to take my relation with Anitha and Vinayak to another level. Vinayak was involved in the movie by now and did not bother me much as he did in the initial part by asking me about the dialogue which he apparently missed.

Anitha was seated right of me. I let my right thigh gently touch her thigh and waited for the reaction while looking ahead into the screen. She did not react. So i pushed my thigh a little harder and withdrew as if to announce my charge on her. I kept away from her for few minutes and then again slowly placed my thigh against her. I expected her to withdraw her leg to give me a negative signal but no such thing happened. I could feel the effect my thigh had on Anitha as she pretended to be engrossed in the film now and stopped talking to Vinayak as she was initially. Now i began to gently move my knee up and down by moving my heel off the ground thus rubbing her thigh.

The feeling of her thigh inside her Pajama rubbing on my jeans was amazing especially because we had no verbal communication and her husband was right there. I was gaining confidence every minute and now she seemed to be in a trance as she didn’t move her leg despite I beginning to scrape her thigh more and more. I was afraid that Vinayak might notice this going on but he seemed perplexed at the complexity of the dialogues that Tom Cruise was mouthing on screen. As we approached the interval, I continued to rub her slowly as my heart was thudding at this sinful pleasure. I had no idea what twists and turns the film was playing instead my mind was imagining Anitha’s milky thigh as i continued to outrage her modesty.

All of a sudden i felt Anitha close her thighs and I thought its game over for me as the lights came up during interval. Anitha recovered just in time but I didn’t miss her facial expressions of a release. The smell hit me next. She had come and the concoction of her cum and urine produced a faint smell which I could clearly smell. Since I did not want to scare her off, I got up and left for coffee while both of them remained seated. After going down a few steps I gestured both of them if they needed anything. Anitha actually tried to put up a smile and said something which didn’t matter. But I realised that she was not going to complain to Vinayak about what had just happened. Vinayak is a miser and hence didn’t come off his seat.

I joined them both post interval with two cups of coffee and one of popcorn. Popcorn went to Anitha and Vinayak and I got to have the coffees. Once done with the coffee, Anitha shared the large bucket of popcorn with both of us. Whenever she offered it on my side, I deliberately let my fingers touch hers a little longer as I picked up pop corn from the bucket. I was warming her up for what was to come next.

The film was approaching the latter part and we got more involved in the plot. My thigh had got back to trying to touch Anitha but it seemed as though Anitha had had enough of me and she raised her ankle from the ground and placed it under the other thigh in the most awkward position one can sit in a theatre. I was dejected and let her go for now.

After 10 minutes or so, I on the pretext of taking out popcorn placed my hand on Anitha’s and held it in the dark. This was the moment of truth. It was going to decide the future of this charade. I was about to be exposed and humiliated or Anitha was about to bow to this pressure from me. She chose the latter and did not raise an alarm. It was kind of a morale boost for me. Our relation had changed forever. All the niceties that we used to exchange and innocent relation were sure a thing of past henceforth. Everything had changed in the course of the last one hour.

I now placed my hand on her folded thigh taking care to keep it hidden from direct line of sight of Vinayak who seemed oblivious to all that was happening next to him. She was torn in between two choices of either standing up and exposing me and jeopardising my friendship with Vinayak and also making a scene in the process and of keeping quiet and enjoying this explicable phenomenon. I guess her being a small town girl just couldn’t muster enough courage to do the former. I suspect she was enjoying this torture a little bit herself.

I began gently to knead her thigh on her pyjama. She decided to change from this exposed position of her legs and kept the foot down quietly without letting Vinayak take notice and then squeezed her thighs together while holding the empty bucket of pop corn to hide my hand from Vinayak.

I caressed her in gentle strokes, and soon my hand began the upward trajectory between her tightly closed thighs. I soon felt the fabric of her panty under the softer fabric of the silky pyjama and began to toy with it. I could feel her increasing rate of breathing which it seemed she was having difficulty controlling.

My right hand was making slow but sure inroads in her valley of flowers. I could feel her tiring of holding her thighs together for the previous 10 minutes as she was giving up. Vinayak was in the meantime engrossed with Tom Cruise kissing his onscreen heartthrob. Anitha’s thighs gave up as I shoved my hand between them and placed my finger right on her crotch. I felt a sigh escape Anitha mouth. I saw through the corner of my eyes that Vinayak hadn’t noticed. Anitha’s resolve was giving up faster than I imagined. She now was beginning to relax and laid back on the chair, a departure from the stiff posture she put up for most of the evening.

The film was entering the darkest scenes, set in some underground locale thus making it darker in the hall. I noticed that Vinayak was still engrossed as it was probably the last few minutes of the film. I had to increase the pace now.

There was no resistance from Anitha now, which was a little scary. I also got a little brave and my heart was pounding as I entered the definitive stage of this evening.

In one bold move, I undid the string of her pyjama, and inserted my hand inside her pyjama first and then the panty. I was greeted by the hairy bush. My heart was now pounding faster than Anitha’s and I looked through the corner of my eyes to find out why. My god! She had closed her eyes. I was shocked.

Just to check if Vinayak was seeing all this and if i was about to be murdered, I glanced across. To my luck she had ensured that pop corn bucket was placed such that he doesn’t see any of it. He in fact had assumed that she has fallen asleep. In order to distract Vinayak, I also kept checking my mobile for missed calls time to time while looking away from both Vinayak and Anitha. This did not let any suspicion build as my hand had located Anitha’s crevice and was massaging her clitoral hood.

Oh Man, I felt like a multi faced demon. I was doing my friend’s innocent wife right next to him. I pushed my finger further and as best as I could with the difficult angles began to massage inside her totally wet pussy and bulging clit. On the screen Tom Cruise was about to give a killer blow to the villain and here Anitha was beginning to contract. I felt her vagina begin to throb and so was her groin. I was scared of being caught but couldn’t leave it now. I kept rubbing her vigorously. Anitha brought her left hand down while her eyes were closed, and began to assist my hand, the Popcorn bucket still doing its assigned job for the night. And then as the onscreen villain was slain, Anitha’s powerful orgasm brought her up form relaxed posture on the seat to an upright one as her eyes opened and mouth opened with a muffled scream drowned in the climactic moment of the film.

My hand was drenched as I pulled it out quickly and rubbed it on my jeans before licking a little bit of it off my index finger. Anitha furtively tied up her Pyjama as the credits rolled and was all set by the time lights were switched on. When lights came on, I first looked at Anitha and saw her flushed look but quickly turned towards Vinayak and commented on the god quality of the film.

He seemed to agree. This was just enough distraction for Anitha to ensure her Pajama is set right before Vinayak suspected anything. Vinayak turned to Anitha as he lovingly rebuked her for having slept throughout the second half of the film.

I smiled at his rebuke and asked him to be gentle on the poor creature and promised them that the next film I take them would be to a Hindi blockbuster.

Anitha and I had better times thereafter but the thrill of this first occasion is the best. Do feel free to give feedbacks on

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